Refreshed hair, the natural way

We are an all natural, gluten-free, vegan, cruelty-free, affordable dry shampoo that blends perfectly with your hair colour. What more is there to love!? Get ready to fall in love with your hair routine again! Our product blends flawlessly with your colour to absorb hair oils, leaving your locks refreshed every time.


Why switch from your favourite dry shampoo? In October 2022, the FDA found elevated levels of benzene, a known carcinogen or cancer-causing chemical, in 19 popular brands of aerosolized dry shampoo, including Dove, Nexxus, and Batiste. Valisure, an independent lab submitted a consumer report to the FDA that found that over 70% of the dry shampoo samples tested contained benzene, including 11 samples that contained over 10 times the legal limit of benzene. In the months following, dry shampoo companies have committed to removing benzene and many have undertaken campaigns to promote their new “clean” dry shampoos. But do you know what is in these allegedly reformulated clean products?

  • Amika: hydroflurocarbon 152a, butane, denatured alcohol
  • Batiste: butane, hydroflurocarbon 152a
  • Dove: isobutane, propane, denatured alcohol
  • TRESemme: isobutane, propane, denatured alcohol
  • Moroccan Oil: hydroflurocarbon 152a, butane
  • Living Proof: hydroflurocarbon 152a, isobutane, denatured alcohol
  • Opalex: hydroflurocarbon 152a, butane, denatured alcohol
  • Dry Bar: isobutane, propane

The reality is, all aerosolized (spray-can) dry shampoo brands contain propellants – that is how the product is delivered out of the can. Valisure continues to warn consumers that aerosol sprays are one of the highest-risk categories for benzene contamination in consumer products. Because our product is in powdered form, Natural Refresh contains no
propellants and is 100% toxin free

How to apply: Tip the bottle and tap to apply product at the roots. For complete coverage, apply to the roots in sections.

What makes our brand unique? Natural Refresh was born out of a need to create a product that was safe for everyday use, but also affordable. Each bottle contains 30 grams of product and will typically last 1-2 months of regular use. There are very few powdered-form (i.e. non-aerosolized) dry shampoos on the market, and the few that do exist are incredibly expensive. We did not skimp on quality – we simply believe that clean beauty products should be affordable for everyone. Our tinted shades provide options for people with darker hair colours who often struggle to blend the standard stark white shade of typical dry shampoo.